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Our goal is to bring sports clinics to recreation centers in cities with a high concentration of low-income families and gang violence. These sports clinics save lives by sponsoring kids who have a passion for baseball, but do not have the finances for personal trainers and coaches. Our services help them stay focused on their dream, while keeping them off the streets and out of the gangs.

We want to generate winners and increase their chances of success after the elementary and  junior high school levels. If we can provide tutoring and other forms of guidance as these children enter high school, it will make a huge contribution to keeping their grades above the level needed to successfully transition into college and potentially to go on to play professionally.

Our dreams may be big, but we can’t do this alone. Because we currently depend on fundraising and public funding, our reach is limited. Your donations help pay for the tutoring, training, baseball summer camps, staff to operate, equipment and all of the other tools we use to steer these kids lives in the right direction.

Please help us provide the structure, discipline, commitment and sense of belonging to these young, talented athletes need.

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